Stuart Sailfish Club

Light Tackle Tournament

LTT 2014

61st Annual
Light Tackle Sailfish Tournament
and Florida Amateur Sailfish Tournament at Sailfish Point

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. The Stuart Sailfish Club had its beginnings on a lazy afternoon in 1935 at Speedy’s Inn, which later became known as the Lighthouse Restaurant. Ed Gluckler, club historian and publicist for the city of Stuart said a group of Stuart Jaycees came up with the idea of a fishing contest to “awaken the old village and pump some money into the economy” that was broke, then, from the depression. From that tournament which first ran in 1936 sprang the Stuart Sailfish Club. For all its promotional interests the Club’s members were more interested in conserving the numbers of sailfish offshore for the enjoyment of future fishing generations.

Bone Shaker 1997 LTT
Bone Shaker 1997 LTT

The Light Tackle Invitational Sailfish Tournament was renumbered in 1955 when some of the rules changed, including the requirement of using light line. This tournament is a Sailfish release tournament filled rich with tradition & prestige which helps to draw some of the world’s most renowned anglers.

The Light Tackle Tournament is the Second leg of the Treasure Coast Championship, winners of both sit in the history books as some of the best teams in the world helping to make competition fierce.Held in December each year, this 3 day tournament has grown to be one of the most sought-after titles in the tournament circuit. The high level of competition, the caliber of teams and the prestige of this one of a kind tournament draws the best anglers from all over the United States, Central America and Canada.

2013 bought us the 60th anniversary of this prestigious event, and we had a big celebration recognizing the era of the 1950’s through 1980’s. The braggin’ bash came back, with recognition of some of the great past anglers and winners. Some of the guests included Jan Fogt, Kathy Garlington, Squeeky Kelly, Keith Carroll, Sandy Fogt, Sandy Thurlow, Curt Whiticar, Blaine Rhoads, Bob Barratta, Dave Berard, Boogie Warren, Dave Chasmar, Tom Chamberlin, and John Whiticar. For anglers, it was back to traditional observers rather than cameras. We kept some of the newer stuff, like Real Time Reporting on computers, and for people with smart phones and pads, it’s

Everyone is welcome to come out, walk the docks, watch the boats come in, and party at our nightly events. We hope to see you here!


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